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GNH Real Estate Developments d.o.o. has been operating in Eastern Europe since 2019 where the company moved its headquarters from Ireland to Croatia.

We moved our focus from other markets to Croatia due to several factors, including the following:


Croatia’s tourism has seen extreme growth in recent years and is still growing at a record pace, which has created an unprecedented opportunity for investments.

Real estate market

Certain segments of the Croatian real estate market are severely underdeveloped with wide market gaps and enormous potential for future projects.

Economic Growth

The economy has been growing every year since 2015 (with 2020 being the only exception due to Covid-19) and is considered one of the most stable economies in its region.

Even though our primary team is located in Zagreb, we provide work and career opportunities to a wide range of people located all over the world. Similarly, we work with many different companies across many countries in order to keep our organization as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

“We are dedicated to do business with a high degree of integrity and transparency.”

Focus areas

GNH Real Estate Developments is focused on developing touristic and commercial real estate projects in selected markets, where we firmly believe that the long term potential will help our clients and commercial partners generate stable returns on their investments.

The activities of the company are spread throughout the world and we are currently active in Croatia and the UAE. For strategic reasons the company’s head office is located in Zagreb the capital of Croatia.

Development with insight

Working together with professionals and local officials we are determined to deliver first class products to our clients and commercial partners. Our culture is one of creativity combined with financial discipline, diverse thinking and respect for the local culture.

With a deep understanding of the real estate industry, we are always looking for new areas to explore. The company is currently working on projects in the regions Istria and Dalmatia in Croatia.

From a simple thought to an operating business, GNH Real Estate Developments are experts in delivering “hands off” income-generating portfolio products to our clients.


The managing director is Mr. Nicklas Christensen (Switzerland ), who has previous experience from the industry throughout his career in Switzerland and Denmark. Mr. Christensen is daily managing the company in close cooperation with the company's support team, project managers and consultants.

You can contact Mr. Christensen and the GNH Support Team on our contact page:

Core values

Our values serve as a moral foundation in the company. Clearly articulated values are proactive in building our culture and a vital part of our continued success.

To ensure that our customers and commercial partners feel safe and satisfied with our services, we maintain a high standard of transparency throughout the entire organisation.

We believe in an honest business relationship and always strive to deliver as promised.

Local values
Working in various demographics and cultures, we do our best to preserve the local values in our real estate projects. We always use local consultants and contractors for our projects, which helps us to constantly expand our local networks.

Committed to clients
We are committed to and responsible for delivering the best possible results for our clients and commercial partners, and we are aware that these results are vital for the success of our business.

“To determine the best local real estate markets, our analysts compare 47 countries and 1300 cities of varying sizes across 23 key indicators of housing-market attractiveness and economic strength”

“To determine the best local real estate markets, our analysts compare 47 countries and 1300 cities of varying sizes across 23 key indicators of housing-market attractiveness and economic strength”